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Our philosophy on project relationship

Diako Healthcare Construction believes that quality construction begins with building quality relationships.

  • The quality of a job directly correlates to a diverse team of tradesmen working productively together. Yet, so much of the construction field operates inefficiently. If not proactively managed for the benefit of all, this inefficiency can quickly create confusion and finger-pointing, where everyone begins scratching for what diminishing profits can be saved for their benefit. Allowing this toxic dynamic in a technical building project erodes not just the morale of the working team, but also the satisfaction of the client.
  • Since 1991, Diako Healthcare Construction commitment to integrity, truth, accuracy and quality provides a value structure that is required for all alliance members and subcontractors. Together we have a proven track record and depend on one another’s expertise, honesty and talents.
  • To insure these values remain on the forefront, we have developed systems for working together. We rely on these systems to hold us accountable and confident in relying on one another in our work.

Diako Healthcare Construction is owned and operated by Brian Bennett Sr., a dental and healthcare construction specialist with over 30 years of construction experience. Brian has developed the unique CPPM system and acquired supporting Internet based communication and project management tools to follow what he has learned works for construction project management. Brian evaluates his team’s productivity and effectiveness with great care in optimizing everyone’s strengths to best serve individual client needs. Brian emphasizes that the ability to achieve quality relationships is the difference between a successful and failed project. Once you meet Brian you will see his dedication to serving others, building relationships and achieving a successful project and process.

Brian Bennett Sr.

  • Working In the construction industry since 1980
  • Achived a Masters in Electrical Construction
  • Formed Diako Healtcare construction in 1991
  • General Contractor (GC)
  • Licensed Construction Professional
  • Construction Consultant(master planning & real state negotiations)
  • Project and Process Manager
  • Space Planner
  • Manages Architectural and MEP Engineering Development
(410) 861 0757